A birthday surprise in Prague

I turned 32 and Bianca invited me to a weekend trip to Prague.

Of course I already knew about the present for some time as we had to plan together, but I am really happy that it worked out. But let’s start from the beginning.

Just in time of our trip via train from Berlin to Prague I got a cold including headache. Not the best start for a short vacation. With the rest of my energy I packed my backpack and finally fall asleep at midnight. Early enough to get 5 hours of sleep while being sick.

At the next morning – well, night for us – we finalized packing and started our way to Berlin central station. Now we had a 4,5 hours ride ahead of us. I can tell you, it is not that pleasant with a stuffy nose.

Me being sick

On top of this it seemed that the Czech rail company exchanged the coach from an open space one (having 4 rows of seats) to one having separated areas (having 3 rows of seats). Thus, the seats having the number 7 and 8 were missing and caused quite some confusion. But the train staff managed the situation well and everyone had a place to sit at the end. Now it was time to relax a bit.

Having some additional sleep during the ride helped to make time feel shorter. After Dresden the route was next to Elbe river. A very nice view. Basically from Bad Schandau on you could enjoy a nice relaxing view. And finally at noon we arrived in Prague. Our first impression was good, even though there was an alarm going on within the train station saying it is an emergency call and everyone has to leave the building due to fire. We haven’t seen anything and everyone around – especially all the employees of the stores – were relaxed and walked slowly. They took time to properly close their doors, turn off the lights and things like that. Not sure what happened but people weren’t really in hurry.

People leaving Prague central station

Due to our goal to leave the building we missed to have some money exchanged. As well we did not consider to take the Metro to our hotel. Thus we decided to walk.

The route we took was quite easy and nice. We basically followed the main street, crossing Nuselský bridge and eventually arriving at our hotel Corinthia.

Due to me being sick I took a nap of an hour before we moved on to sightseeing. We started with Vyšehrad which is an old castle. We had a very nice view about the city and enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon.

During the weekend being in Prague there was a Food Festival planned. They were still in preparation phase so we couldn’t enjoy it. Anyways, we still didn’t change any money yet so we had to go back to our hotel to get some Czech crones.

Now time had come to try ourselves with Czech public transport. We bought a ticket for each of us and took the Metro line C for 2 stations. Doesn’t sound to be worth it but it is. To reach the Wenzelplatz we’d need 30 min of walking. Now we spend just a minute or two. The place is actually more a boulevard than a place. From there we visited some sights, e.g. Old Town Square and the old astronomical clock which unfortunately was in reconstruction. We as well spend some time visiting a festival of traditional music and dances that was spread across two stages in Prague old city. We visited both.

As time passed by and I was still fighting my cold we moved on to have some dinner. We were looking for some traditional Czech food and I think we found some: Restaurant Mustek.

After our meal we started our way back to the Hotel being fascinated of the sunset at Wenzelplatz. From there we walked again the route to the Hotel.

This day we missed the chance to make use of the spa part of the Hotel, but as we will have some more days here we might be able to enjoy it later.

This is it for our first day in Prague. A really nice old city with quite some sights, nice people and a relaxing atmosphere.


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