Our last day in Japan

After about 3 weeks of Japan we are reaching now the almost last post of our vacation tour.

We planned to spend our last day completely for souvenir shopping. We checked the web and our own list on what we really wanted to bring with us. We decided on the following list:

  • Green Tea and Matcha
  • Chopsticks
  • A Sake set
  • Sake
  • A Bento box
  • Sweets, a lot sweets

I believe we missed something important to bring with us, but we had only limited space. At the end of the day we were packed and it was hard to carry all the bags back to the hotel. But let’s start at the beginning.

In the morning we wanted to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. We already decided to not go up to the observation deck as we have seen already quite a lot from the top, but when we left the hotel the weather took all the decision for us anyways. It was rainy, foggy, and cold – one of the reasons that we almost have no pictures of that day!

But hey, it was our last day so we tried to at least enjoy the last tour. Shinjuku Chuo Park was meant to be our start. He we spend some time to walk around (and to play some Pokemon Go). Before we continued to the Government Building it started to rain heavily. We were completely wet even though we both used an umbrella – it protected us from the top, but not from the splashes from the bottom.

Our next stop was the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo. We expected it to be mega as the name says. It was big and cute. Almost as cute as the two on the picture below.

Bianca and Pikachu

In the same shopping center we had some lunch – at around 2pm. As we had very good experience with Tempura (no comparison to what you get in Berlin) we wanted to enjoy it at least once more. Unfortunately we do not know anymore where we had lunch, but it was within Sunshine City Alpa Shopping Center.

From there we continued our tour via Ueno station to Nakamise shopping street near Senso-ji. The day before we noticed that we can get almost everything from our list there. We bought some chopsticks, a bento box, a sake set and quite some sweets.

I think we spent about 1 hour for shopping before we started to look for some green tea. With the help of Google we found a small tea store about 12 minutes away from where we were. This small store was selling Nakamura Organic Green Tea. We arrived at 6 pm and were a bit exhausted as we tried to speed up our shopping tour to be around Sky Tree before all the stores would close again. But when we arrived in the small store it felt like a different world. It was so relaxing. The seller was welcoming us very friendly and offered us a couple of tastings of his Nakamura Teas.

We really liked the teas that we got for tasting and bought a Nakamura 2016, Garden No. 01. It is really delicious. No comparison to green tea that you would buy in Germany. We got a spoon made of bamboo for free – awesome as we wanted to buy one anyway. I think we spend there about half an hour. Before we left we wanted to know whether they have Matcha to sell, but unfortunately they hadn’t. Together with the seller we tried to find a store next to his’ that would sell Matcha. Unfortunately, all the stores were either too far away or were closed too early. When we told that this was our last evening in Tokyo and Japan in general, the seller wanted us to wait for a minute and disappeared in the back office of the store. After some time he came back and gave us a small bag of Matcha. He said that this was a prototype and Nakamura was trying to prepare Matcha production. At this point in time we were curious on what it would cost, but the seller insisted to give it to us for free. We were really happy as we did not believe in getting some Matcha at this evening.

Since we got everything but some Totoro souvenirs for ourselves we headed to the Ghibli store next to Tokyo Sky Tree. We’d been there the day before but hadn’t any time for shopping as all the stores were already closed.

Bianca in the Ghibli store

Finally, we could spend some time in the store and bought some nice stuff for us, e.g. a very nice 3D Totoro calendar that Bianca now has at her desk at work, a plant pot from Kiki’s Delivery Service and a nice Totoro picture frame which is not yet in use.

When we left the Ghibli store we had still a couple of minutes to check out the Tokyo Sky Tree souvenirs shop where we bought some more sweets and some smaller stuff for our families.

I can’t remember what we did afterwards – where we had dinner for example.

I only recall that we bought an additional bag on our way home that we needed to get all our new things back to Germany. The rest of the evening/night we used to prepare our baggage for the flights next day.

Anime, Peach-Wine , and Onigiri

We enjoyed some Peach-Wine (something that we got to know in Japan and haven’t yet found in Berlin) and Onigiri and watched an anime in TV. It was an amazing day full of shopping experience but totally worth it. The weather supported our plan very nicely by not stopping to rain.

The night was short as we had to get up early to catch our flight. The next day, the checkout from the hotel was easy and comfortable. We took the train to Narita airport and repacked everything in a way to have the most important things in our hand baggage.


It was pretty easy to get used to the airport. Very nicely organized.

Well, this was our three-week Japan tour… Let’s see what’s next!


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