Isn’t there a Mountain?

If you are in Tokyo, Japan – what wouldn’t you like to miss? Mt. Fuji. Exactly!

That’s what we’ve planned for the day. We were aware that the weather was not ideal. In the evening before the weather forecast said it would be cloudy and approx. 22 °C. And as it was our last day having a valid JR Pass we decided to take the chance. We expected worse weather forecasts for the upcoming days.

Well, we started in the morning with a Snoopy breakfast and took a train from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station. The first part took about an hour and was pretty relaxing. If I remember correctly we just felt asleep.


Arriving in Otsuki we tried to get one of the connecting tickets. Two trains were already waiting at their platform so we had to hurry a bit. Waiting in the queue didn’t remove the pressure. Finally, we bought tickets for us – but unfortunately for the non-express connection. Okay, so it took us one more hour to get to the destination: Kawaguchiko.

In Kawaguchiko we couldn’t see anything of a cloudy weather. It was cold. Cold. And horribly cold! Ah, yes and it was rainy! And I really can’t answer the question why the heck did I leave my raincoat in the hotel?!

As it was cold (in case I didn’t mention it yet) we went to Seven-Eleven to get something warm to drink and a snack. Then we waited some minutes for the bus.

Kawaguchiko station

In comparison to what you see when the weather plays into your hands.

Image from

Starting from the station you can take a bus to the 5th station Kawaguchiko of Mount Fuji. As we spend so much time to get there we thought we should go further and see whether it gets better or not. This idea took us one more hour to reach the 5th station.

As we still couldn’t see anything due to the heavy rain we tried to find a warm place. So we checked all the souvenir stores and the restaurant – but let’s say canteen. We tried to get something to pull over for me as I left my raincoat in the hotel… but no chance. Too expensive – of course.

The foot that we had in the – canteen – was by far the worst we had during our whole Japan tour. I can’t recommend it!

So in general this day was a total waste of money, time and nerves.

After 2 hours exploring all the sweets in the souvenir stores we decided to go back. We bought some sweets and took the next bus down to Kawaguchiko. Basically we have chosen the same route back.

Arriving in Tokyo we brought all our new stuff to the hotel. And we tried to get some dry clothes and to warm us up a bit.

To finish the day we decided to have some dinner, something sweet afterwards and go to bed to have – hopefully – a better tomorrow! For dinner we went for Sushi! At Sushi-Zanmai Higashi Shinjuku we had our best sushi so far. But I can imagine that there are even better ones. As we might be in Tokyo again in the future, let us know where we should eat next time in the comments section!

Sushi at Zanmai Higashi Shinjuku

Stuffed with rice and fish we walked around and found some Japanese Crepe. In Berlin we got to know Japanese style crepe in our beloved crêpestation (in case you are in Berlin, you should try it out. It is very delicious!). So having some in Japan was on our imaginary to-do-list. We can’t remember where we had them but they were really good.

When we were back in our hotel it was about 11pm. So not really late but after this day – we had enough.


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