Welcome in Tokyo: Visiting 9.375.104 People

Finally, on 18th of September around 2pm we reached Tokyo with the Shinkansen. Even though our whole vacation was a success already we expected Tokyo to be THE highlight.

For Tokyo we booked an Hotel in our travel agency in Germany when booking the flights. Today we know that it is not necessary and we could have just used AirBnB for it as well. So our plan for that day was to get used to the district and check some of the easy accessible sights.

But first of all we had to reach our Hotel for check-in. So used the public transport to get from Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station. Our Hotel was quite close to the train station so we decided to walk. It was amazing. You might know that Shinjuku station is one of the most frequented train stations in the world. It was impressive to be right there – and to get lost in it. At the end we managed quite well to leave the station and to get to our destination: Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo. The Hotel and our room were really good. Of course we used it only for sleeping and showering as we didn’t book any breakfast or dinner as – well you know, we’re in Tokyo… there are tons of restaurants 😉

As you can see on the pictures above we left the train station quite next to the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower. When we were checking the view from our Hotel’s room we just recognized the Tower again. So you get an idea on where we were located.

Unfortunately the weather conditions weren’t that good. We thought it would last for maybe one or two days… we would know later that we thought wrong.

Our next stop was one of the best known street crossings in the world: Shibuya scramble crossing. We took public transport to Shibuya and exited the station using the Hachikō entrance. Before directly moving on to the crossing we wanted to stop next to Hachikō Statue.

Hachikō Statue in Shibuya

In case you don’t know what it has to do with this statue of a dog. Checkout the story of Hachikō. You might watch the movie with Richard Gere. One of the saddest movies we’ve ever seen! Finding the statue is actually pretty easy. There is a huge crowd around. This crowd stopped us a bit of doing better pictures. Next time! 😉

Well, let’s check the street crossing. We were really interested and curious as there are so many reports about it. At the end, being there wasn’t as excited as expected. So we thought one should keep the impression in mind instead of damaging it by being there. Maybe you can share your experiences in the comments section if have been there already.

In our case we had at least a nice show/ceremony as you see on the pictures below.

Then we checked out the area. We found the Alice in the wonderland cafe which we wanted to visit anyway. So we entered for early dinner but we couldn’t get a table. So we reserved for the next day and moved on.

Quite next to the Alice cafe there was a Mandarake Anime store which Bianca was eager to check out. So we strolled around there.

With the rainy weather outside we decided to spend some time on shopping. Thus, we checked out the connecting music store as well, which I wanted to have a look at anyways.

Afterwards we continued our shopping trip to Nakano. Here Bianca found some nice Sailor Moon merchandise. I think she even bought some from here.

As time passed by we were looking for some dinner and we decided to try out some Japanese curry.


Even though it doesn’t look that nice it was delicious. In case you are around, you might check it out: YamiYami.

To celebrate our arrival in Tokyo and the whole Japan trip we decided to visit a bar for some drinks. Unfortunately we haven’t shot any pictures and we don’t remember which bar it was. It was in Nakano and somewhere on the 2nd floor. It was a very small comfy location. The bar keeper couldn’t speak that much English and of course we weren’t able to speak Japanese. But he liked the German metal band HALLOWEEN. We talked about this topic when he noticed my band shirt from CARACH ANGREN. So he started to play some songs of them – which was nice, so it was kind of a rock bar now.

Well, we managed to order some drinks and we talked with the other guests about what we are doing in Japan and how we like it. This was a lot of fun as we got some good recommendations of what we should visit, where we should go for dinner and things like that.

We really liked our stay in this bar and we spend there a couple of hours. In the night finally we started our trip back to the hotel and that’s how our first day in Tokyo ended.


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