Good Bye Nozawa-Onsen

In the morning of the 18th of September Bianca and I would finally move on to our final destination of our Japan trip: Tokyo. But before we started we enjoyed one more time the traditional Japanese breakfast in Nozawa-Onsen. Actually I was up already some time when the breakfast started.

The day before the host told us that there is a market festival at this day in the early morning. So I got up in the early morning hours, visited the market and took the chance to relax in the Onsen before breakfast.

After we got stuffed we had to leave this lovely place. During the check-out I was expecting that we already payed our stay via as they wanted to have our credit card number. When the staff was asking be about payment I told them with confidence that it was already done during the booking phase and they accepted this. But as I now was unsure Bianca and I were checking all the mails and the web about this. Finally we recognized that the credit card number was just for security but that we had to pay onsite. Damn, this was embarrassing! I just went back to the reception and told them the story and paid. The host was pretty relaxed about this and gave us a gift: Japanse juggling balls.


Yeah, this actually was our stay in a more rural kind of area of Japan. (Not really but it felt a bit more like that as during our other stays). We had the chance to relax and to recover for our last part of the journey.

For the trip back we took the bus from Nozawa-Onsen to Iiyama and from there we took the Shinkansen to Tokyo.


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