A Day in Nozawa-Onsen

Okay Okay, I know I promised that the next post won’t take ages to be published but it did. Actually the year passed by and we have 2017 now. So let’s recap the last couple of days of our Japan trip.

In our previous post we covered our arrival in Nozawa-Onsen. In this we want to share our impression of our second day before we continued to our last stop: Tokyo!

For the only full day onsite we planned to enjoy several Onsen, explore the location and have some good food. Our day started at 7am as the breakfast, which was included in our booking, started at 8am. If you remember our post when leaving Osaka, we tried to have some traditional Japanese breakfast. Here in Nozawa-Onsen we had!

As you can see on the pictures above this breakfast was huge. We had salmon, rice, miso, salad, tofu and mushrooms. Right after this kind of start into the day we felt that we had to rest for couple of hours to come back on track. As Bianca and I are used to a sweet breakfast it was strange. But it was awesome. We really loved to experience this.

During the day we walked through the town.

We believe being here during the winter season is much more impressive. But nevertheless we enjoyed the time being there. It was quite and relaxing.

On our way through the center of Nozawa-Onsen we reached the public pools with 90°C hot water where they boil the eggs (Onsen-Tamago) and vegetables.

We tried out one of the Onsen outside of our Ryokan. For this one we had to pay but it was very nice and relaxing.


And we had a very delicious coffee break and later on a nice dinner.

After dinner we tried one more public Onsen. In comparison to the other ones this one was much hotter! Most probably this is one not made for tourists, haha.

Actually I tried to get used to the temperature but I couldn’t stand it. So after half an hour I left and waited outside for Bianca. Some time later – I don’t know how much as I hadn’t my phone with me – two women left the Onsen, had a look at me and started to laugh. I had no clue why. Did I miss to dress me correctly? Well, after waiting some more time Bianca left the Onsen as well. She told me that we managed to stay within the water, but it took her some effort during preparation. During her story she mentioned the two women. They have shown how she can prepare herself to enter the bath hub and that she can use the cold water if needed. As Bianca told me I understood why the women were laughing. Most probably they thought while Bianca managed to bath I was waiting outside. Funny situation.

As relaxing the Onsen are the tired you are afterwards, so we didn’t do anything big this evening. We were looking for some drinks and went to a small bar that served craft beer. Bianca tried one. But as we were tired we headed back to our room and felt asleep.



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