A story of thousand and one vermilion torii gates

For our second day in Kyoto we planned to visit thousands and thousands vermilion gates. You might know that Kyoto is known for the mass of temples and shrines you can visit in and around Kyoto. And we definitively wanted to enjoy a part of it. Thus, the plan was to visit Fushimi Inari-Taisha – a Shinto shrine known for its thousands torii gates.

So we started early in the morning our way to Fushimi which is a district of Kyoto.

When we arrived we noticed that there are many tourists! Much more than we’ve seen the days before. As it was so crowded we weren’t able to get such nice pictures as we wanted to shot. Nevertheless we enjoyed the impression there.

While walking around we heard that a few string musicians started to play. As I like strings and live music in general (if its done with proper instruments)  we listened a bit before heading to all the torii gates – the reason this shrine is that famous.

If you look at the pictures you might think that we shot hundreds of pictures of the same spot but actually the path through the gates is a long one. The whole area is huge and impressive and as we wanted to see a second must see in Kyoto we could not invest all the time we would like to. So, in case you are visiting this shrine please plan some time for it!

As we had only limited time in Kyoto at all we tried to see the bamboo forest before the day ended. It is about one hour away from the shrine so we took the chance.

We arrived at Saga-Arashiyama in the early evening and started our walk to what we though is the bamboo forest. We passed the Togetsukyo Bridge which crosses the Katsura river – a very nice location of this area!

On the other side of the river we noticed that there is the Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama, but not the bamboo forest we were looking for. So we had a 16 minutes walk to do to get there. Unfortunately it becomes dark in Japan during September quite early so we arrived at the bamboo forest when our cameras weren’t able to make good pictures anymore.

So now, we can not provide any cool bamboo forest pictures. You might use google image search to get an impression of what we’ve seen there.

Even though we missed to see the forest while having some sun light, we enjoyed the bridge and a very nice Kyoto district. We had a lot of fun there and I believe we will remember all this for quite a while.

At the end of our day we had to go back to Kyoto city center so we took the nice train you can see on the image above. As it was already arriving we hadn’t any time to investigate into the Kimono Forest which you can see as well on the images above.

After some time with the train we arrived in Kyoto city center. The first goal was it to have some dinner, so we watched out for something interesting – and of course we found something.

We’ve found this restaurant using Foursquare and once more we discovered that some of the good locations are hidden in shopping centers or in underground areas. In comparison to Germany where somehow only snacks are sold in shopping centers you will experience really nice locations in Japan. In this case we had some Soba noudles. To make ordering easier we took pictures from the menus outside the restaurant. When we got the menus we were impressed how similar it looked like to the fake-food. And of course it was delicious!

Once we were finished with dinner we started to walk around the streets.

Very nice atmosphere. We started at Kawaramachi station and just enjoyed the evening.

Yeah, that was our second day in Kyoto! Stay tuned for the others.