Sightseeing with a Ninja finale

Wow, quite some days past since our last post. We are already back in Germany but we do not want to skip any of our experiences in Japan. Thus, in this post we will cover our first day in Kyoto visiting Nijō castle and Kyoto Imperial Palace.

In the morning we enjoyed our Matcha Baumkuchen that we bought the day before when we arrived in Kyoto.

It was so delicious. Kyoto is known for it’s Matcha or in general for green tea.

When taking the subway to Nijō we noticed the nice exhibition advertisement in Manga style. Very cool.

After some time we finally arrived at the castle. This time it wasn’t such a multiple story building. Instead we had a nice guide through the building presenting the different rooms with their meaning. Definitively interesting!

We spent some time walking around and reading all the signs about the background of the building and it’s place around. Unfortunately we only could make pictures from the outside as it was prohibited to shot photos of the rooms.  So we definitively deserved an ice cream and within the area of the castle was a nice cafe in style of a traditional Japanese building. We were sitting on a Tatami floor and I ordered a Japanese Ice cream: Kakigōri. This ice consists out of pure ice flakes, syrup and evaporated milk. Delicious!


After this nice break we continued to see the Kyoto imperial palace which is just about 10 minutes walk away.

The area of the imperial palace is huge. Around the palace itself are different kind of gardens. Unfortunately we hadn’t enough time to explore all of them.

As time passed by we wanted to have some dinner. As we are in Japan we were looking for something crazy – and we found it: Ninja Kyoto. It is a restaurant with some adventure feeling. After entrance we got guided by a Ninja women through a maze kind of area with a lot of traps and training parts until we reached a locked door. There we had to make the special Ninja sign with our hands and shout Nin Nin then she could smash it. This was really fun!

At the end all the food was Ninja styled.

The menu started with some black Ninja star crackers and a soup, continued of chicken hidden below some black breadcrumbs. Then we got some fake tofu which actually was some cream cheese filled with lobster. Right before the main dish we got served a soup which was boiled by a hot stone. Actually they did it right at our table. Very cool to see how this works. A really nice show! As main dish we had pork (Sören) and salmon (Bianca). Before we got to the dessert we had some pieces of Sushi. By the way, it was our first Sushi since we arrived in Japan! And it was great (as expected).

Now we were so excited about what we might receive as a dessert. But before we got there we had a Ninja visiting our separated dining room. He showed us some card tricks. Really cool stuff – even though some of the tricks I knew already from a colleague of mine. Nevertheless it was a great addition to the overall experience.

And then finally we received the dessert. I’ve got a small biscuit tree with an ice cream basement covered by – well I don’t know what it was! Bianca got a cheese cake frog. So cute!

Yeah, that’s it. This was our first full day in Kyoto with a very tasty finale!

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts about our time in Kyoto!


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