Hello Kyoto!

We were so excited to explore Kyoto and finally we arrived! In the evening we arrived at the train station and our first goal was to check-in to our apartment. To get there we had to take two lines of trains. But still very easy accessible.

As we only had breakfast and the small snack in Kobe we watched out for something nice for dinner. Bianca found a recommended Tempura (deep fried) restaurant via Trip Advisor:
Katsukura Sanjohonten. You can find it here on Google Maps.

When we arrived there we had to first find it. It wasn’t that easy as the entrance is a very small aisle between two buildings. Just like a tunnel – a beautiful one. Then we noticed that there is a queue. About 6  to 8 people in front of us were already waiting. As we took the efforts to find it, we decided to wait (good decision!).

To save time we ordered already while waiting still in the queue outside of the restaurant.

Well, after about 15 minutes were could take our seat within the location. And some more minutes later we got our menus.

Dinner for two persons

In the set menu was included: Tempura (Bianca had prawns and minced meat and I had Tonkatsu – pork), Miso soup, rice and cabbage (with the option to let it refill for free!), pickles and sauces. It all started by getting a cup full of sesame which we had to mash. Then we mixed it with a sauce of choice. This created a very delicious flavor. This was then our dip for the fried parts.

We highly recommend this location. Not only the food is great but the overall atmosphere was amazing. A beautiful restaurant which knows how to impress with it’s meals too! If you think fried food is equal fried food – no way! We have eaten so many fried stuff in Germany (Schnitzel, Chicken-Wings) but this was the best deep fried foot we ever had so far!

After dinner we decided to walk the whole way back to the apartment – which was more than an hour. We used the time to enjoy the small streets and traditional Japanese buildings. It was so nice and it is too hard to capture the impressions as pictures. On the few images above you can see kind of a Ryokan hotel which triggered the idea of having some nights in such a location.

Well, after walking this meal off with a stroll we wanted to have a small drink. As it was late we decided to buy something in a Seven Eleven store (which are great, by the way!). I tried a Sake, Bianca a beer and we got an ice cream with Matcha taste.

Yeah, this was our first evening in Kyoto! Stay tuned for the upcoming days!


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