A very short stop in Kobe

On Monday morning we had to leave Osaka and move on to our next planned stop Kyoto. But before saying goodbye we tried to have kind of traditional Japanese breakfast. We asked Shogo two days ago about a typical breakfast. He mentioned that usually people do not eat outside in the morning but there is a restaurant chain which serves typical Japanese Breakfast. He sent us the address which we then visited on Monday morning Thanks again!

So in case you want to have a breakfast in Osaka, here you go. The Restaurant is named Yayoiken which is a chain restaurant. If I remember correctly they serve breakfast from 5 am to 11 am. Right at the entrance you will find a vending machine for purchasing the meal you want to have. Very easy as they offer an English menu as well!  Here you can find the location on Google Maps:

I went for the cheapest one with raw egg and Natto (I couldn’t finish it as it has a strange texture). Bianca decided for the fried egg breakfast. For about 5 EUR you will have a very satisfying meal!

As we had some time at this day and as we skipped a dedicated stop in Kobe for the benefit of a longer stay in Kyoto, we decided to have at least a short stop in Kobe. Maybe for 3 hours.

So we left Osaka and got once more a very nice impression of this great city.

I really like the Hello Kitty fence. It was there to separate the constructions from the passenger’s path. Really cool!

Staying for some more days in Osaka was definitively the right decision! Now we were interested what would come next.

Our plan for Kobe was to have a look at the harbor side, maybe having a Kobe Beef for lunch and seeing something of the city in general. Ha, no way! When we arrived we were looking for some lockers for our backpacks. No chance. The few they had were all occupied. So we tried our luck in the shopping center next door as we experienced in the cities before that they have a bunch of them too. Again: nope! Kobe hadn’t. Maybe we were too stupid to find them but after walking around one hour (!) we went back to the Shinkansen station. This meant, no Kobe beef for lunch and no sightseeing at all! I was very disappointed but we couldn’t waste too much time as we wanted to enjoy Kyoto today.

Luckily I’d found out that right next to the Shinkansen transit station there is a nice park with a waterfall: the Nunobiki Falls. So we locked our stuff away (yes, here we got tons of free lockers and even a coin exchange machine!) and started our trip.

Hint: If you decide for the same, take the path across the station building – it is much shorter.

Ok, so we started our walk up the mountain. It was very warm and we are not the most sportiest ones! It took us some more time. But finally we reached the observation deck from where you can see Kobe.

But our plan was to see the waterfall so we continued our journey. Unfortunately we couldn’t see it anywhere. We were able to guess where it is but could not see it.

We thought maybe we have to cross the bridge on the image below but this turned out to be wrong. It was kind of a harder trail for experienced hiker – which we are not. So we turned back and walked back to the observation deck.

A bit disappointed (even though the view and the path were really nice) we tried a different path back. And luckily we reached what we were looking for!

We finally reached the Nunobiki Falls with a cute small cafe right in front. We took a break, had a coffee and an ice cream. Something to dring and a Onigiri and enjoyed the view. It was a really nice cafe. The owner was very friendly and spoke quite good English! We experienced younger people in the bigger cities that weren’t able to speak that much! Really impressive. If you are around please visit it. It is not expensive but very relaxing. You can have your snack with a great view on the waterfall!

This was very relaxing and rewarding the efforts we took!

Continuing our path back to the train station we shot some more pictures of the Falls and of the stairways we had to take (fortunately downstairs – upstairs would have been horrible, hehe)

Well, that’s it. This was all we’ve seen in Kobe. Even today (almost a week since Kobe) I still regret that I hadn’t the chance to try Kobe beef! Next time – for sure!

Maybe you can let us know what we must see next time when being in Kobe or where we should try Kobe beef in Tokyo (which is our next and last stop).


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