Exploring Osaka’s Manga District

Well, we’re not sure whether the area we have been to is the manga district or not. But at least there was one shop next to each other selling Manga, Figures of Manga and Video Games, Anime, stuffed animals, and so on.

Ok, so what did we do on our last real day in Osaka? Yes! We wanted to do some shopping. As Bianca is totally in Sailor Moon we were hoping to find some less expensive merchandise than in Germany. Or at least some rare one. So we started our tour by going to Nippombashi station and walking around from there.

When we arrived in the area one could already see from the outside that we are in Manga paradise. One shop after each other. We started in Kotobukiya followed by other smaller one’s and finally had a look on the Animate store right there. It was amazing. We actually spend some hours here even though the number of pieces bought wasn’t that high. Mostly because Bianca didn’t find that many good Sailor Moon merchandise. She bought some smaller necklaces and a brooch. I was looking for some Final Fantasy merchandise to photo shoot for my friends in Germany but didn’t buy anything. If they would have had something from Chi the cat I might have invested some money. I was thinking about buying something from My Neighbor Totoro but couldn’t decide on a concrete one.

Since we passed by quite a few Game Stations in Osaka we wanted to have a look what it means. Thus, before continuing sightseeing we just visited one center which had several floors full of video games. Mostly arcade games. Some of them looked very interesting but it seemed that you need a chip-card (I think RFID) to play. Only a few of them were coin based.

Well, we should have done more pictures but we didn’t want to have all the players on the images, you know. It was a funny experience to be there. It was loud! Like in a club or something. Everywhere people that played all kind of games: Beat em up, Racing games, Arcade Games, Tetris, PacMan, and so on. Some players were really skilled. Was crazy to watch how they played for example a Dancing game. Amazing!

But hey! We wanted to see at least Osaka castle before we had to move on to the next city the next day.

Osaka castle looked incredibly beautiful. We didn’t go inside as it was already closed and we had only limited time but from the outside it was worth every second.

As you can see we shot a lot pictures from it. As Bianca and I tried to get some nice ones some of them seem to be duplicated. Sorry for that!

Well, as it was late and we wanted to end the day quite relaxed we headed to dinner and after that to our first Pokemon Center experience ever!

For dinner we enjoyed a small Ramen restaurant somewhere around Osaka castle. I can’t remember neither it’s name nor the concrete location. But it was delicious – as almost everything we tried so far.

Do you know Pokemon? I think you do. These little monsters where everyone tries to catch em all? Still, no clue? Maybe you know Pikachu:

This rusk we bought in the Pokemon center Osaka. We wanted to try it out and we went out with some souvenirs. One of them is the rusk.

Huh, experienced a lot that day. Actually it is not that easy to remember everything as I am a bit behind with writing all the posts.

OK, that was our last full day in Osaka mostly focused on Manga and Anime. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun. Even if you are not a hardcore fan of these kind of art – it is still very interesting.

We’re looking forward what we can expect in Tokyo! Let’s see. If you have any suggestions what we should check out when being in Tokyo, please leave a comment! And if you know a part of Osaka we totally missed leave a comment for all readers that think about going there, too. Thank!

Stay tuned!


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