Sightseeing in Osaka

At Saturday morning we started our sightseeing tour in the south of Osaka in Nagai Park. There we enjoyed the Botanical Garden. Right in front of it we recognized that Oktoberfest is celebrated in Japan too:

Oktoberfest advertisement

This is quite interesting. We’ve read already that they celebrate but we didn’t thought about that it would take place when we are here. But of course it’s the right time. Nevertheless we didn’t visit it. We were focused on our path to the botanical garden.



The garden was beautiful. As the sun was shining it was incredibly hot. Thus all the trees were very welcome.

It was our plan for that day to visit Tennōji Park and the area around with all its temples, too.  When leaving the garden there was a very nice situation when Bianca was scratching her mosquito bites and an old lady was passing by. She noticed that and gave Bianca her cooling stick for the bites. She was so friendly and Bianca was able to go on without scratching herself that often! We are bitten quite a lot of these little beasts. Back then in Germany we thought of taking something against mosquitoes with us – unfortunately we didn’t! And it is not that easy to find something if you can’t understand what’s written on the packages in the drugs store. Well, this might be a different story.

After a few stations by train we reached the temple area. There you can find one of the oldest temples in Japan: Shitennō-ji.

We weren’t allowed to make pictures from the inside of the temple but it was amazing. You can even go up within the tower and enjoy the view and all the things inside. It is pretty cool and if you are around, please have a look.

For us the sightseeing was about to end. We wanted to meet in the evening with our host of our apartment, so we had to hurry up. As we didn’t eat that much so far we decided for having some very late lunch/early dinner (it was around 5 pm).

Around the temples we found a small restaurant serving Udon. We haven’t had Udon yet so we definitively wanted to try. We ordered both a Curry Udon. Bianca had one bowl with shrimps and I had a Tonkatsu one (with deep fried pork). It was so much to eat. I think much more than you get in Berlin.

Right after our short food-stop we continued to see the Tsūtenkaku Tower from the inside. We expected to have a nice view – maybe comparable to what we’ve experienced in Fukuoka. Well, it was a bit crazier. You passed by a lot of stores. Of course they make a picture which you can buy for – I think – 1,100 ¥. As we only have limited space we bought one of us. If you want you can let you paint in kind of manga style in a scene of your favorite manga. We skipped that as it was quite expensive (for two persons even more).

At the end it was nice. In the pictures below you can see our path to the tower and pictures from above.

At the end of the tour within the tower you will pass by a museum-like area. It was nice to see older pictures and scenes from the tower’s neighborhood. There was one diorama which I really liked:

Ok, as we left the tower we only had one and a half hour left until our meeting with our host Shogo. As we wanted to freshen us up and to withdraw some money we had to hurry up – again. We didn’t manage to freshen us up in our apartment but the public restrooms are quite good here in Japan (as far as we experienced – and we visit them a lot!)

Yeah, so we met with Shogo at Shinsaibashi station. After a short introduction lead us to a nice Sake bar. Here he organized three different kinds of Sake and explained us how the different kinds of Sake are clustered. It was very interesting and we had a lot of fun. Shogo ordered as well some snacks that we could enjoy while talking and drinking. He gave a cool insights and we learned quite a lot about Japan, it’s culture, and how all this works.

But we didn’t stop. We headed further to a next location. There a friend of Shogo joined our small group. Again, we had something to drink and some snacks to eat. This time I had a plum wine and Bianca had a peach wine. Very delicious!

Unfortunately we were a bit tired so after the 2nd stop we broke up. But before we shot a picture!

Me, Bianca, Shogo, and Hiroshi

It was a great experience and exactly what we expected from AirBnb bookings. Thank you again, Shogo!

Well, that was our Saturday in Osaka. What kind of sights did we miss? Anything you would recommend for the next time being there? Maybe something similar we should look out for in Kyoto and Tokyo? Let us know in the comments!

Yeah, and stay tuned for the next reports.


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