Osaka: Our arrival evening

On Friday evening we arrived in Osaka. We were really excited about our stay here as we knew it is more of a bustling city than the ones before. Luckily we booked a very nice apartment next to a super cool area. Already on our way from Osaka station to our apartment we were overwhelmed by all the cool impressions.


We just walked around in the evening. All this was a 10 minute walk away. When being in our apartment you wouldn’t notice anything of all this. If you want to go there we recommend to use public transport and get out at one of the following stations: Namba, Nippombashi, Shinsaibashi, or Ebisucho. Of course there are much more stations from which you can enjoy these impressions.

As we knew that Osaka is known for it’s Takoyaki we tried to find a place for us to eat. Well, finding a Takoyaki offering restaurant wasn’t hard but finding one which had still opened was a bit tricky. But with all the variety we found one.


As we didn’t want to go home immediately we walked around the area and finally we found some Gashapons for Bianca. A Gashapon is a vending machine for capsule toys in Japan. For 200 ¥ to 600 ¥ (or maybe even more) you can buy a capsule with an unknown content.  In Japan you have all kind of toys in these machines. Mostly anime and manga based content. But we’ve seen as well animals and food. In comparison to Europe the toys aren’t that cheap and of bad quality. Mostly the items here are very detailed.

Bianca was looking forward to find such machines with Sailor Moon content as she is a fan of it and all the merchandise is very expensive in Germany. So she considered to buy every now and then some cool stuff here in Japan. In Osaka she found the place where to get some of these items.


These machines were standing everywhere. In our case we found them standing next to an  arcade game station. They are a bit like casinos as it’s all about gambling. For about 100 ¥ you can try to get an item out of the machine in a ton of different ways. The images below just cover a small part of it. But you can’t win money. Only the item you were trying to get.


Yeah, this was everything we did on our arrival day.

Stay tuned for the other reports of our stay in Osaka.



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