Okayama and its cute public transport!

Huh, already some days passed since our last post. We hadn’t that much time to write as we experienced 3 awesome days in Osaka.

But before we are talking about that we want to recap our half day in Okayama.

Actually we arrived quite late in the evening so that we missed already the first day. We just tried to get in our apartment which was very nice and cozy again. So far we are very happy that we decided for this approach. The few images of it we shared already in our previous post. But here we shot a panorama picture from the balcony of the apartment.

View from our apartment’s balcony

After having a shower we started to walk around a bit with the goal to find a restaurant. The area where we stayed was very peaceful. Almost no-one on the streets at the evening. A bit sad though as we were looking for some crowds.

So we walked across the district until we found a small restaurant which many people just left. If it had so many guests it can’t be bad. So we entered. It was the first restaurant we visited where the staff couldn’t speak English that well. But we had a waiter who tried his best. At the end we ordered Okonomiyaki with pork, Edamame, Tepanyaki with chicken and lemon and a Miso soup for each of us. We even managed to order some dessert. It was so much fun. And we didn’t pay that much. If you chose the right ones you will get a meal for less than 15 EUR.


That was everything we did in Okayama at our arrival day. Not that much right? As we always had to check out at 10 am or 11 am, travel about 1,5 hours, eat something, and of course doing some sightseeing we didn’t manage to enjoy every city the much we wanted. Thus, for the upcoming part of our tour we decided to skip some dedicated stops, e.g Himeji and Kobe. We added these nights to Osaka. The same for Kyoto. This meant we had some time to enjoy Okayama before moving on to Osaka.

In the next morning we put our stuff into some lockers at Okayama station. After spending quite some time looking for enough space. Bianca ordered a ice-coffee in one of our favorite marts: Seven Eleven. Here were bought something to eat, to drink, something sweet, we are using the ATM here and of course Bianca gets the coffee she needs. Pretty easy. Purchasing a cup full of ice branded with the type of coffee and in the size you want and put it to the machine:

Ice coffee!

As sightseeing we decided to go to Okayama castle and Koraku-in garden which is listed as one of the most beautiful gardens of Japan. As time is running I just share the images. Enjoy:

For the way back to the Shinkansen line with direction to Osaka we bought some cool drinks. So tasty!

Matcha and Peach Milk

And of course we just took the chance to make some pictures of the cute public transport vehicles. This shows that Mange and Anime isn’t just a phase or a niche, it is culture. You can even see when the cat-street car will arrive. It has ears on its roof and unfortunately we didn’t manage to get a picture of it. Nevertheless we got some other cute ones.

Ok, that was Okayama. In the next post we will try to summarize our Osaka experience!

Stay tuned!


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