Miyajima: one of the top 3 most scenic spots in Japan

As mentioned in our last post we agreed on going to Miyajima island. It is advertised as one of the top 3 most scenic spots in Japan and it would be a shame if we missed it. Even though it costed us quite some time we don’t regret.

Before we started our journey to Miyajima we had to get out of bed. This was harder than expected. We woke up at 5:45 am and left the apartment at 7:30 am. It took us a bit time to get our clothes dry as they were still a bit wet. Nevertheless, we started early in the morning!

Our next challenge was to find lockers for our backpacks. We tried to get to Hiroshima Station via street car (tram) but all of them were incredibly full. So wasted half an hours just waiting for an emptier one – damn it! When we arrived at Hiroshima Station we were looking for the coin lockers. Well, finding the lockers wasn’t that complicated but how to get some change for them was difficult. We had to pay 500 ¥ for each and it only accepts 100 ¥ coins. So I was looking around how I could get some change. A small store helped me out here.

Around 9 am we entered the train. Thanks to our JR Pass we didn’t need to pay anything. To get to the island we had to go to Miyajimaguchi Station by train and from there via a ferry for 10 minutes to the island. Very easy as you will see many tourists doing exactly the same. As well all the announcements in the train are done in English with mentioning the island and its ferry.

From the boat we could already see the Itsukushima Shrine and the gate The great Torii. We were so excited to get there!

The first thing we noticed when leaving the ferry building were all the deer.

It was very cool. They were so trustful you could just sit next to them and they don’t care (as you can see on the images above).

Yeah, so let’s start our sightseeing tour on the island. Our first goal was the shrine itself. But already on our way to get there we saw a lot of great stuff.

Then we finally could see the famous gate from a bit closer distance. Unfortunately there were some constructions going on, so that we had always the ugly grey box in front of the gate’s pillars.

And finally we visited the Itsukushima Shrine itself. It costed some ¥ entrance fee.

If you image how awesome it would look like with a bit higher water level. So amazing! In general it is worth every single Yen. We didn’t shot pictures of everything as there are shrines for prayers that we didn’t want to shoot. So there are still enough things to visit for you!

When we left the shrine we continued with Daishō-in temple. A historic Japanese temple complex with many temples and statues on Mount Misen, the holy mountain on the island.

On our way back from the temple we had a short coffee break. Well, it was more or less a tea break: we had MATCHA! Our first one in Japan! Together with some Mochi!

Matcha (Green Tea Pouder) and Mochi (Japanese rice cake)

As it was already time for us to think about our way back to Hiroshima we walked around the island with direction to the ferry port. But still, we had such a nice impression of the island and the village on it. So amazing.

At the end we decided to try out the Cat’s forest! A cat cafe with bengal cats only!

Yeah, at the end of the day it was a very exciting tour. Great nature, great historic places and cute creatures. If you are around, you should definitively visit this one of the most scenic spots!

Our rest of the day looked like to get something to eat and to start our way to Okayama, where we wanted to stay for one night. So we just entered a Shinkansen and relaxed for a couple of minutes. We had some lunch and finally we arrived in Okayama.

Our apartment was booked via AirBnb the day before and it was again very cozy. So far we are really happy with the way it works out!

Well, that’s it for today. The next post might be about Okayama and what we experienced there.

Stay tuned!


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