Hiroshima: a memorial place

As our plan was to travel across Japan (more or less) we had to say good bye to Fukuoka. It was a pleasure to start our journey there and we think it is a nice introduction to Japan. Maybe spending some more days would be good if you plan to go there.

For us this farewell meant we would use for the first time Japan’s high speed train Shinkansen. We were excited as we had to exchange our Japan Rail Pass voucher to the actual ticket.

The exchange was very easy. We just stopped at a JR Pass Counter at Hakata station. How to get there was very well signposted within the station. After showing the voucher we had to fill out a form. The tricky part was the contact within Japan. We decided to write down our hotel in Tokyo as our contact. Maybe it would have been enough to write our mail address but hey, we got our tickets.

The train is amazing. We took a Sakura as we are not permitted to use the Nozomi one. The seats are very comfy and during the ride it was quite silent and without that many shaking.

We tried to shoot some pictures of the landscape as we passed by but unfortunately they aren’t that nice.

When we arrived in Hiroshima we were surprised that it could be warmer and with even more humidity than in Fukuoka. After a short check on the map we took a street car to our destination. On the way we saw already the peace memorial park and about 25 minutes later we arrived in the apartment booked via AirBnb. It was really cool. Small but still bigger than our hotel room.

Our first goal was to wash our clothes so that we are prepared for the upcoming days. Luckily there were some coin laundromats in the basement which we were allowed to use. As the name says: coin. We hadn’t enough of them so we just bought some lunch to get enough change.

We turned the machine on and walked to all the sights of the atomic bomb drop. First we visited the atomic bomb dome and continued with the peace memorials. We spent some time in the park before we went back to take care of our wet clothes. We were hoping that they would be dry when moving on the next day.

During our tour through Hiroshima we noticed that half an hour from here one of the most scenic locations in Japan can be found: Miyajima. After some consideration of our tour plan we decided to get up early (shortly before 6) and go there the next morning.

For our evening in Hiroshima we wanted to see the castle which we did when it was already dark outside. Nevertheless the view is great.

For dinner it was our plan to try local specialty Okonomiyaki. Kind of savory pancakes containing a variety of ingredients.

First attempt was to go to Rei-chan. A restaurant which is mentioned in our JR Pass documents. As we were late and it was quite a distance to walk we decided for one restaurant recommended by Foursquare. Momiji-tei was close and had many positive reviews. When arrived we first had to figure out which one of all the restaurants it is. Luckily we didn’t enter the first best. After some search we saw a small stairway. We went upstairs and got impressed by tons of Manga and Anime figures and models. Maybe we are wrong was our first thought but no we weren’t. We entered and got the next surprise. The whole place full of manga stuff. Great. A really cool atmosphere. We ordered some Okonomiyaki. For Bianca one with shrimps and for me one with leek.

After ordering, the chef made them right in front of us. It looked delicious, it smelled delicious. Hell yeah it was delicious! We enjoyed the meal while having anime intro songs playing on a TV next to us. Watching how the chef handled the tools was impressing. At the end we were stuffed. But that’s not all. We got a ice-cream for free! Really cool and we didn’t expect it. If you are around, please try it out! Awesome experience.

Well that’s it more or less. When we headed back to our apartment we had to deal with some rain. But we were prepared for this and had an umbrella with us. Nevertheless we got a bit wet and had to put even more clothes to dry somewhere. Oh, our clothes were meant to dry… didn’t work out that well!

Yeah, we felt asleep to get out of bed in the early morning. That’s it!


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