We want cats! Our tour to Ainoshima

Bianca and I love cats. We would like to have an own one but as we are almost at work all the day it doesn’t make sense. This we might overcome by having two of them but then our flat gets a bit too small.

As we know that Japan is known for every kind of animal cafes we were looking for what we can expect on our Japan tour. In the internet we found tons of information about cat’s paradise Ainoshima. All started with having Fubirai sharing pictures of the cats on the island.

We had been in Berlin’s cat café (Pee Pees) which is really comfy and we can recommend to visit it if you are in Berlin! We enjoyed the cat cafe “Kissakahvila Helkatti Helsinki” on our way to Japan (Bianca was there already two times). But we never have seen a place with uncountable cats – until now!

On Thursday 7th of September we visited Ainoshima. An island north of Fukuoka which can be reached via ferry from Shingu as we described in our previous post.

It was amazing. All the cats, the nice weather and the nice nature of the island. Unfortunately we hadn’t that much time in the end. We only had three hours to spend there but you should bring definitively more time! We didn’t manage to get around the whole island. And Ainoshima is not that big! But the cats kept us all the time – you know.

So enjoy the images from cat’s paradise!

When we were back in Fukuoka we decided to try the famous street side ramen. An open air area with a lot of food. Of course we were looking for Tonkotsu ramen. It is a specialty of Kyushu, particularly Hakata-ku, Fukuoka (hence sometimes called “Hakata ramen”). It was very delicious. We definitively recommend it!

Well sounds not a lot for a day but it was amazing. We enjoyed a lot even though it was very warm outside with a high humidity.

That’s it so far. Stay tuned for our next stops!


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