Some sightseeing in Fukuoka

What can you see in Fukuoka? This was the question we had when looking for sights in Fukuoka. Out of that we created a shared Space in Google Spaces. This is quite cool as we can mark any position on Google Maps, add some text and let an app route us to it. We used it on Monday for our sightseeing in Fukuoka.

After getting out of bed we started to have some breakfast. We bought some fresh baked croissants in il FORNO del MIGNON within Hakata Station shopping center. And it was delicious! The first day there was a huge queue, but we had some luck this day. Then we headed to our first stop: Ōhori Park by using the subway.

Ticket vending machine

Ōhori Park is one of the most beautiful water parks in Japan. And definitively it is beautiful! The park itself is a small island.

We really appreciated all the trees that spent shadows. It was incredibly hot when staying in the sun. On our walk through the park we have seen many turtles enjoying the sun or swimming, fishes and of course ducks and pigeons. The black crows (not sure about the species here) were fantastic to observe. They were bigger than the ones in Germany but had similar habits.

When we left the island we walked around the lake where you can find the Art Museum, Fukuoka Art Museum, Maizuru Park and the Fukuoka Castle. Well, the ruins of it. Unfortunately the Fukuoka Art Museum was closed for quite a time as of reconstructions. So we headed to the Fukuoka Castle.

For the latter one we expected a bit more. Only the basement of the castle was there to see.

But as you can see on the images we enjoyed the nice view over Fukuoka. On one of the images you can see the Fukuoka Tower – our next stop.

Wait! Before we continued we had a short lunch break. We bought something small. So tasty! And you just get it in the supermarket. And they ask you if they shall heat it for you!

From the subway station we had to walk some minutes to reach the Tower. So we explored some nice side streets. Really nice. Then finally, we reached it. Right in front of it there were many people walking around with their smartphone. What did they do? Pokémon of course! From the very young to quite old people were playing the game and walking around on the place in front of the tower. What a funny picture!

At Fukuoka Tower basement we noticed a small photo-box. Actually they provided a box where you can put your camera on it with the perfect angle for a selfie snapshot with the tower in the background. Even though it was that simple we did not manage to get a really cool shot. Mostly because it was too bright and our faces became too dark on the images or because Bianca thought the 10 seconds time already passed – which was not the case.

As you can go up to the observation deck in 123m height we took the chance to enjoy the view. We paid 800 ¥ per person (adult). Here you go:

The Tower itself is 234m high and the tallest seaside tower in Japan. It has as well one floor dedicated to couples (which you can reach via elevator or stairs from the observation deck): Lovers Sanctuary. There you can buy padlocks to put in front of the window and make some romantic selfies. With a perfect sunset this would be pretty amazing!

As you can see on the pictures, Fukuoka has a nice bay area. When being on the ground again we walked along the beach. If we find some time we will try to go into the water (but most probably we won’t have the time).

As the sun sets here already at 7pm we had a couple of minutes later already a very nice night-view on the Marizon (the kind of a mansion building where we don’t know what it is) and on Fukuoka Tower from the beach.

As it was late we tried to get back to Hakata station as we still needed to have dinner and to buy a power supply adapter as the ones we bought in Germany are the wrong ones! Thanks Media Markt for giving wrong information. Next time I will inform myself better.

Bianca in the huge market for everything

For dinner we chose one restaurant that provided an English menu. This evening we had some Tuna summer roles, beef with bacon and fries, a Miso soup, Beef with salad as well as some chicken thighs and skin roasted on a spit. Very cool: The beef with salad almost looks like the typical German “Serviervorschlag”. As desert we took some matcha mochis and brown sugar cake.

After all that we were really happy to come back to our hotel. We took a shower (again) and felt asleep.

Stay tuned.


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