JAPAN – Finally

The purpose of this blog was to document our experience while traveling “through” Japan. Fortunately we had some cool events in our calendar that we used for pushing our blog a bit: Tuska and Wacken.

Finally the last days in Germany are passing by. Bianca and I are preparing step by step everything we need for our vacation. Of course, some things are still not done. But we make progress.

After months of ignoring our todo-list we started to note all the places we would like to see in the cities we’ve chosen to visit so far.

In the upcoming blog posts I want to share some preparation details with you like how much money we expect to spend for our Japan vacation? How did we decide whether to use Japan Rail Pass or just buying tickets for each trip? What tools and apps are we going to use within Japan?

If I find some free minutes during the packed week of preparation I will post something.

Stay tuned and excited as we are!


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