Wacken 2016 – Friday to Sunday

To finish the series about our Wacken experience I want to merge the last two days together in one post. Well, and a bit of Sunday! So here we go.


As we were listening only to too few bands during the festival this year it is almost embarrassing to blog about 😉

Friday and Saturday weren’t that spectacular for Bianca and me. We listened to some music, walked around the festival ground had some fun with friends. So easy going I’d say.

On Friday we started at noon with DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT and EQUILIBRIUM. In the early evening we listened to ELUVEITIE before we went back to our camp.

At the late evening we were back on the festival ground to listen to 1349 and BLIND GUARDIAN where I totally missed to make some good pictures – so I can’t show any here. But especially BLIND GUARDIAN were really good. I listened a lot to their music when I was younger and it was a really cool feeling to see them live finally. Many memories flashed through my head. I really enjoyed their show!


Our last day at Wacken started a bit rainy – not to say stormy. We had heavy rain in the morning which luckily changed to a sunny afternoon.

As everyone of us wanted to start their way back home in the night we all started to pack our stuff back to the cars. It took some time to clean the camp but we were successful with it.

After lunch we started to listen some bands again. We were happy to see MYRKUR again (we enjoyed them a lot on Tuska Festival). For me the sound at Wacken was much better that at Tuska.

Right after we tried to get a nice place for listening to BORKNAGAR. And yes, we had. Unfortunately after all the rain we had a full load of sun that day – which burned the skin in my face. But well, weather seems never to be perfect. In the mid of the day we enjoyed the show from EINHERJER.

Before listening to our final act of Wacken we went back to our camp to make sure we will be able to leave the camping ground. This means we had to check the different “roads” out of the area. Because of all the mud we had to chose wisely to not getting stuck.


All looked good so far and we packed our car completely. Bianca took a nap as she had to drive in the middle of the night.

Around 15 minutes after midnight we started our way to the infield again for ARCH ENEMY. I really liked them. We were standing bit too far away (in comparison to 2014), but I enjoyed a lot.

As Bianca was tired and we had some hard work to do (to get out of the camping ground) we went back after 40 minutes of fun. But that’s the way it is.

Back in the camp we waited until the rest of our group showed up. Then we started to leave.


The way home was a bit more complicated than expected. First we tried to help one of the metalheads to get his transporter started. We pushed it forward and back several times – without success. At the end we had to move on and leave him without a solution.

After that we reached the mud-lake we had to pass. Unfortunately there was already a car sunk in the mud. Luckily some people were already trying to push it out – so we just supported. With success!

Now it was our group’s turn: First car, first try. Stuck. So we had to push it out! Success! Next car (Bianca). Got stuck too. So we had to push it out. Success again! Finally the last car of our group. Stuck – of course! And again we had to push it out. Surprise surprise: we were successful!

After this marathon of pushing cars out of the mud some of the guys who helped from the first car on shouted that there is one more to help. So we helped to get him out too. If we all would have known that we had to pass not only some mud – but a lake of mud, water, and – I don’t want to know what else – we would have chosen a different path to reach the car. But yeah, we did it.

Finally all of the cars were free and arrived the asphalt. Thank you to all the supporters!

For Bianca and me this meant that we started our tour back home. As Bianca was awake for almost the whole day we had to stop in Tornesch where we took a short sleep until the morning hours. Then we continued the tour for a few hours and stopped again for a nap and breakfast.

The last attempt to get home was successful so that we finally arrived in the afternoon in Berlin.

I can tell you it was a lot of fun. And after that experience we had to take some rest to recover.

Well, that’s it! We haven’t bought Wacken 2017 tickets yet. We’re still open to discover maybe a new festival next year. Let’s see what comes next.

Stay tuned!


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