Wacken 2016 – Wednesday

Do you know such days you can’t really remember because they weren’t that special? Well, Wednesday is such a day for us right now.

The most of the day we had rainy weather. The ground became a bit muddy and our motivation shrank to a minimum at that day.

Nevertheless, around noon we started our way to the Wackinger Stage to listen to KNASTERBART. Not 100%  kind of music we mostly enjoy but OK. For having some fun sufficient.

After their show we headed back to our camp and enjoyed the time with our friends. Having dinner and listening to Disney Animation Movie Soundtrack and other funny songs. It was very relaxing and somehow a good preparation for the upcoming days (specially about the weather).

In the late evening some old friends of Bianca showed up in our camp. They know each other from a previous Wacken experience and stayed in contact. It was fun. They needed around 1 hour to cross the whole camping area – you might imagine how big it was.

Yeah, actually that was our Wednesday at Wacken. Neither very spectacular nor productive. Actually, there were quite a lot bands performing already that we just missed due to our rain-laziness.

Stay tuned.


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