WACKEN 2016 – Tuesday

It is already a week ago since we enjoyed WACKEN 2016. We are already at home again and want to share our experience with you in a couple of posts!

As mentioned in our last post we started our WACKEN tour already on Tuesday. Main reason behind this is to get a better camping place on the huge area. With a group of around 20 people it is not that easy to arrive at the same time at the same place so we all decided to meet around 50km away from WACKEN at a gas station in Tornesch. The group meets there every year when participating the festival for several years now.

Some of our friends had to drive 12 hours across Germany. So they started pretty early in the morning night. At the end they were the first at the location so they had to wait for all of us for several hours. Bianca and I arrived around 3pm – as we started a bit later than expected.

After the short stop (short at least for us) we headed to the festival. We used a convoy setup for not losing anyone as it is important to stay together – else your camp won’t be at the same location. Luckily everything went fine and we got a nice spot.

Until 2016 everyone who arrived earlier than Thursday (when the festival officially starts) had to pay a pre-arrival fee. In our case it was 20 EUR per person. From 2017 on they changed it as they raised the ticket price which now will include the fee for all early-birds.

Well, on Tuesday we just setup our camp. For Bianca and me this meant to get our tent ready to use. It was not that easy as we both not assembled a tent for 2 years and never assembled such a big one before. But we managed it after some time. It wasn’t the most beautiful construction but it was usable.

Part of our camp with our 2 pavilions

In the evening around 8 we started our way to get our wristbands. Weather was great. It was sunny and warm. The ground wasn’t too dry but not muddy at all – but this shall change as you will read in the next couple of posts.

After that we just had something to eat, some drinks, and fun.

Okay. That’s it so far. Stay tuned for the next posts of our WACKEN 2016 experience.


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