Let’s go to Wacken

OK, we are going to Wacken already on Tuesday even though the festival itself starts on Thursday. Well, on Wednesday there are some smaller bands performing already.

On Tuesday we started some hours later than expected from Berlin. To be more clear, we started at around 12:00. But nevertheless we want to share our pack list about camping at Wacken. Keep in mind we are meeting there with a group of around 15 people which means we do not have everything with us as the others will bring some stuff as well.

So we bought a tent for a family or being more detailed for 4 persons. Reason is that we wanted to have a place in front of the sleeping area to store our stuff. So we decided for a Quechua one for 99,00 Euro.

Then we bought an additional plane for the ground.

For sleeping we decided to buy a sleeping pad for each of us. On top we put an air mattress on which we use our sleeping bags. Hopefully it will be warm enough during the cold nights.

OK, so what else do you need?

We packed some camping chairs, a table, some lights and of course a transportable kitchen and lot of food and drinks.

OK. So let’s see how much fun it wil be. Stay tuned!


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