Goodbye Tuska aka Tuska #3

As you might know: nothing last forever. Our 3rd and last day of Tuska ended in an awesome final.

On Sunday Bianca and I started too late to the festival. We wanted to meet again with the guys on the spot of grass where we’ve been on Saturday already. But before, we wanted to buy some drinks again. Well, “some” is too extreme – we just bought a can of cherry beer and a long drink (which actually has a nice story here in Finland, see link).

Thus, being a bit late we joined the group hanging out. Luckily there was no rain at this time and the grass was surprisingly dry after all the rain the day before. Nevertheless we had to hurry up because we wanted to be at the festival ground on time with MYRKUR starting their show. MYRKUR is a Danish kind of black metal band with a female singer. She switched during the songs between some clean vocals and shouts. Taking the risk that it sounds like sexism, but she were dressed up in a nice short white dress.

During the show it started to rain like hell. So we just waited below the tent where MYRKUR was performing. Unfortunately we missed MORBID VÖMIT and had to listen to HATEBREED who performed on the main stage. Well, we didn’t listen actively but it was hard to ignore, you know. So we skipped one show entirely and continued with DIABLO on the Helsinki Stage. Here we had a special guest next to us. A soft toy dog as you can see on the images below.

Obviously it hadn’t as much fun as we had. For all the PETA friends out there, no real animal was hurt during the show!

After this show, we all took the chance to get something to eat. We had a delicious burger next to the sauna area (which we sadly didn’t try out). But we didn’t suffer this decision as Petteri invited us to his home for our next visit in Helsinki. He has a very nice sauna as he told us. Now, we are looking forward to check this out. Maybe in winter?

So finished with dinner, we joined the shows from GOJIRA and KATATONIA before we headed to the astonishing final with CHILDREN OF BODOM on the main stage.

Bianca and I have seen them at Berlin Postbahnhof in 2013 and we were a bit disappointed about their performance. So we had some expectations that they might fix our last impression about them. Together as group we got a place quite near the stage (at least in comparison to our Wacken experience).

A part of our group at Tuska

Fortunately, this show at Tuska had nothing in common with the one back then. COBHC performed like hell. They had a nice mixed set-list of old songs and new ones.

What I personally liked were the stuff going on next to the music. E.g. when Janne (Keyboard) just walked to Jaska (Drums) to “steal” a drum stick and to throw to the audience. Or when having Netta Skog (ENSIFERUM) playing accordion and replacing the keyboard during “Lake Bodom”.

At the end – well after having played Downfall – they set up tons of microphones on the stage while the band left the stage. Then they entered it again and performed some cover songs starting with “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”. Really funny when Henkka and Janne changed their instruments, which means Henkka took over the guitar and Janne took the bass guitar for performing “Somebody put something in my drink”. For this song other musicians entered the stage and used all the microphones for singing in choir. This has been fantastic.

For the last Song “Ghost Riders in the Sky” they invited even some people from the audience to enter the stage and join the choir. Playing with 3 guitars, featuring Netta Skog on accordion and a ton of background singers was just indescribably. Definitively a proper ending of such a nice festival!

Well, after all this it was time to leave the festival ground. We took the chance to meet with some of the guys we got to know during the festival for a drink in a bar next to our temporary home. We enjoyed so much. Guys, if you read this: Thank you very much! We had a very nice talk about Germany, Finland, it’s airports and typical elements in both countries, such as:

  • You only can buy alcohol in Finland between 9am and 9pm
  • In Cologne area in Germany you will get one Kölsch after the other until you put the beer-mat on top of your glass

Sitting with these guys in the bar was an awesome final of our trip to Helsinki. And now, we are looking forward to next year!



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