Tuska #2 – Land of the Sauna

Do you remember what I’ve written about the drinks at Tuska? Well, we just discovered an additional area where we could get some cocktails -hurray.

On Saturday we tried to be real Finish and met with Petteri and some of his friends outside the festival ground. We bought some beer and cider to hang out on a small spot of grass. We got to know some new friends. They’ve asked us a lot about Wacken and after all our explanations they really want to go there next year. Let’s see if they will make it true. When Bianca told that she was participating Wacken already 5 times they were really impressed. Unfortunately we haven’t shot a picture of that nice group. We might think about it on Sunday, in case we meet them again.

Having a drink right before we start

So after chilling a bit we entered the festival around 3pm to listen to PRIMORDIAL. We just arrived shortly after they started to play. They were pretty good. It was very nice to listen and see them perform.

After that Bianca and me joined the TSJUDER – some Norwegian black metal. Not that good as I was expecting – but it might have been related to the bad mixing.

During this 2nd day we listened to PRIMORDIAL, TSJUDER, TURMION KÄTILÖT, OMNIUM GATHERUM, OBSCURA (we actually listened to them as we just sat down – I didn’t like them), ANTHRAX, STAM1NA and GHOST.

When waiting in the queue for the toilets we partly listened to THUNDERSTONE. We skipped them on purpose as we have seen them in April in Blackpool Club, Järvenpää, Finland. During this free slot we discovered the nice area which I mentioned in the beginning of this post. There is an additional bar where one can order some cocktails like Mojito and Tuska Libre. But that’s not all. For what is Finland as country known for? SAUNA – exactly. And yes, there is a sauna on the festival ground! We haven’t tried it yet but we got told that it is for free. If there isn’t such a big queue we might try on Sunday.

After having some dinner – being observed by tons of seagulls – we headed to listen to ANTHRAX on the main stage. During their concert it started to rain. As smart as we are, Bianca and I decided in the morning to not have our raincoat with us that day. Thus, as many others we tried to get a place beneath the tent. Well, then people started to go out and come back again as the rain became less and heavier every now and then. Of course, some of the really hard guys just remained in front of the stage.

As our plan was to listen to STAM1NA anyways, we just waited under the tent until they started to play. We already heard a lot good stories about them so we were curious what they would deliver. And actually, they were really good. It was kind of a party atmosphere.

When the rain almost stopped we went out to listen to GHOST which was the last band for that day. In the front of us we had the amazing stage and right behind a thunderstorm black sky.

Sky turned black!

Shortly before midnight, when GHOST started to celebrate the female orgasm – yeah they really did! They talked about it several minutes before starting their last song “Monstrance Clock”. Ending the show with the audience singing this song was amazing. A very nice ending of an awesome day.

For us this meant joining the crowd leaving the ground and heading home. There we just had to get rid of the wet clothes and try to get our hair a bit dryer. Ah, and we watched how Germany won the penalty kick session against Italy – yeah semifinal!

Now we are looking forward for day #3 on Sunday.

Stay tuned,



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