Good Morning From Helsinki!

We just woke up in the wonderful and cute flat booked via AirBnb. Minnie – the owner –  welcomed us very warmly yesterday. She waited for us as our flight had almost 40 minutes delay and when we arrived we just felt like being with friends.

As Bianca and I had to rush after work to the airport yesterday, we were some of the few lucky ones that had to realize that the Bus-Line to Tegel Airport is really unpredictable. The bus had to take a different route – we don’t know why – as usually and it took ages to arrive at the airport. Foreseeing that such things can happen we started early enough.

Successfully arrived we noticed that there were hundreds of people starting their trip to whatever destination. Fine so far – but there were just 3 counters opened. Not sure for how long we had to wait but again – luckily we had planned some more time for this. Security check-in was super easy and waiting for the boarding didn’t took that much time either.

After taking our seats in row 19 of the plane, I almost felt asleep. Unfortunately we didn’t depart. No, we just waited at the ground. Not sure if we had one passenger too many or one too less, but something like this they mentioned. Then the stewards started to ask everyone in the plane whether they’re the right one and compare their answer to a nice  list of names printed on a sheet of paper. Once this procedure was done they finally closed the doors and we were ready to start.

Ready? Not completely. First, we were supposed to watch the security information movie. It started – without sound. Then the monitors just stopped working. Start again – stop again. Bianca and I didn’t care as we know the security information by heart.

Then, 40 Minutes after the planned departure we headed to Helsinki. Most of the trip I tried to keep my eyes closed. And there aren’t so many good stories to tell about a too small chair in a cold and loud airplane.

The landing at Helsinki airport was smooth. We took our luggage and entered the train with destination Helsinki city center. Good thing: my company phone has EU flat (not sure if it still works in Britain?). Thus we could easily use Google for checking the public transport lines we had to take. At around 8:40 we arrived next to the flat we’ve booked and – as mentioned in the beginning of this post – we experienced a very warm welcome by Minnie.

The first hour on we feel very comfortable here. The flat is comfy. After relaxing a bit we went out to get something to eat. We bought some stuff at the supermarket next door, had dinner “at home” and watched Portugal lose win the Euro Cup game vs. Poland and wondered about the heaven being still bright shortly before midnight – awesome.

Almost midnight in Helsinki

Yeah, that’s it so far. We are preparing ourselves to get out. We have to pick up our Tuska wristbands today and we definitively need some breakfast.

Stay tuned.



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