Almost on the way to HELSINKI

Bianca and I are going to visit Helsinki over the weekend. We want to join the TUSKA festival. And it’s just a few hours left to go.

Yesterday we managed to pack our newly bought backpacks with all the stuff that we think we need for the festival-weekend. For the first time we are traveling without having a proper luggage with us. To have all the clothes fitting into the limited size we’ve used the ranger roll approach which we will focus on in a future blog post.

But that’s not all about our trip to Helsinki. We are using AirBnb for our stay. We’ve found a lovely flat and are very excited to see how it will look like.

So why not just book a hotel?

Well, for Japan we wanted to try a more flexible way of traveling. This means that we want to change cities and locations on the fly without having a hotel reservation all the time. Therefor we decided to go with AirBnb in Japan (more about this in a different post). Thus we use Helsinki as a prototype for that.

We will let you know about our experiences with the backpacks, AirBnb and of course the festival.

Stay tuned,

Bianca and Sören


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