Ready for take off?

Hey, this is Bianca and Sören. In a couple of days we want to start our vacation trip beginning with Tuska Festival in Helsinki, followed by Wacken Open Air in August, and finally take off to Japan in September.

For all this we’ve planned to post some news for friends and family (as primary audience) but for other interested people too. So hopefully this is the start for a nice story for you guys out there.

So what is it all about? Well, we’re not sure yet. We neither blogged nor traveled a lot before. So we wanted to change this a bit and thought about “Why not just starting with both of it?”. So please do not expect the most professional writing nor photographies nor expertise in all levels of travel. We are beginners and do it just for fun.

Our main goal with this will be to keep friends and family up to date and save some time presenting our photos to them by having them asynchronously shared beforehand. Bianca and I will write some posts about our preparation, things we learned or experienced, as well of some nice sights we detained on picture.

Most probably Bianca will write her posts in German. I will try to do in English – as I want to improve my writing skills.

In the upcoming days we will (hopefully) post some preparation posts about packing and things we’ve found useful.

So please stay tuned.


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